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“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives”

Thomas Berry

about little earthies

Little Earthies supports people to implement ecologically sustainable practices and principles in all aspects of school, home and community life. It aims to empower individuals and groups to have positive impacts on the environment and to make the world of difference at their local levels.

what we do

Little Earthies aims to include as many people as possible to build capacity in the care of our natural resources and in sustanailable productivity. It aims to share inspiration and imagination to help all people connect with our natural world with an emphasis on making a positive environmental impact.

“Thank you for the most informative and relevant accreditation courses I think I have ever participated in!”

Teacher, Catholic Education Melbourne

“I enjoyed the ‘session-based’ nature of the course, this breaks each unit into small chunks of information to engage with (particularly relevant to classroom teachers who are notoriously low on time) and the assessments were considered, achievable and relevant.”

Teacher, Catholic Education Melbourne

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