Online Course Testimonials

“Fantastic resources, engaging and relevant. The ability to work at my own pace in my own time online is super helpful too!”

“I really enjoyed this course. It was helpful to see what sustainable initiatives are happening at other sites, as it provides some ideas and inspiration to move forward.”

“The course was a great provocation around how to transfer thoughts into actions around ecological conversion within the school community.”

I found this a very reflective, creative and meaningful exercise overall. Thank you very much for the (rare) opportunity to complete a meaningful accreditation course on line!!!

“I found exploring resource sites I was’t aware of exciting”.

“There were so many resources it will probably take me the next twelve months to fully sift through every resource to its full potential. I love that this topic is **real**. It is so important to teach the children about sustainability and this introduction has given me the platform in confidence to do so.”

“The online approach gives busy mums and dads the opportunity to study in their own leisure. The content with brilliant and a fresh change”

“This workshop provided a variety of resources and ideas about integrating ecology into the curriculum in different ways. Viewing implementation plans from other schools was extremely helpful and allowed me to see realistic ways that other Colleges are working on environmental issues. The online style of learning was an asset to the course as it enabled me to complete the training at a time and venue that supported my learning.”

Consultancy & Professional Development Testimonials

“Alice’s presentation was exceptional: appealing for all the participants (parents, teachers and students) and very well prepared. Alice is a highly knowledgeable presenter and clearly has a great deal of passion for ecology and sustainability. Her strong faith compliments this beautifully, making her an all-rounder- able to work with a large variety of topics, formats and audiences. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fresh, dynamic and engaging presenter.”

“Alice keeps herself abreast of contemporary reading and issues, networks actively, develops curriculum, and guides leaders to ensure best practice. Clear communication, respectful dialogue and linking practice with theory are central components to Alice’s ability to work with leadership teams and challenge their notion of merging practice and understandings. Alice is responsive to contemporary trends and provides support to school leaders in being forward thinking and responding to the needs of students in their schools. She is highly valued as a consultant in Catholic Education South Australia and her knowledge, skill set and abilities position her as a key contributor.”

“Alice is a skilled presenter, engages in strategy and visioning and works with leaders and key teachers to envision ways of engaging, prompting and delivering support.”


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