Reconnecting with Nature- Self Guided Program


At the heart of our humanity is the call TO CONNECT. When we are connected we feel WHOLE, we feel LOVED, and we feel HUMAN. This self-guided program gives you the opportunity and guidance to spend time with the natural world and to journey and reflect on our connection with nature, with each other and with the earth. You will run through various meditations and activities which will re-energize your sense of connection and self. This can be undertaken at any location outside. Many teams do this together with an office well being focus.  Allow at least 2 hours. Cost $50.

  • “Peaceful, relaxing, I felt at one with nature and the world”
  • “A great time to pause and just be, the meditation strategies and prompts were excellent, felt thankful”
  • “Appreciated the opportunity to have ‘me’ time, able to reflect on the beauty of nature, lovely way to reconnect with work friends”
  • “Restful, quiet and slow (in a good way!)”
  • “Tranquil, colourful, full of sounds (natural and man-made), relaxing”
  • “Beauty, connections (people and earth), textures”
  • “Booklet excellent for self-direction, perfect setting, group questions allowed for openness between people”
  • “Reflective, peaceful and time to wonder”
  • “Relaxed, peaceful, calm”
  • “Beautiful, reflective, gentle”
  • “Present, reflective, connected”
  • “Perfect, enjoyable, relaxing”
  • “Peaceful (sounds, sights, time), mindful (breathing, time to be), humbling (we are such a small part of our world, connectedness with others and nature)”
  • “Presented in a very relaxed way, great location, the time frame was perfect for the intended purpose”
  • “Relaxing, tranquil, thankful”
  • “I loved the venue, loved the meditation time and loved the handout (have read it with my children since!)”
  • “Very peaceful and reflective, a lovely way to start the year together”
  • “Meditative, thankful, reflective”
  • “Great venue, solo meditation was good, staff sharing was good – really enjoyed the company”


‘Integrating ecology across the curriculum’ online workshop


“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives”. Thomas Berry

This online PD has been created for the Catholic Education Offices of South Australia and Melbourne with links to their key documents, however, can be adapted for all locations upon request.

Please see attached PDF for further information. Cost $100

Integrating ecology across the curriculum flyer


‘Laudato Si & Our Call to an Integral Ecology’ online workshop


Please see attached PDF for further information. This one is not just for educators but for everyone who has an interest in care for people and care for the Earth. Cost $100

Laudato Si and our call to an Integral Ecology


‘Developing a whole school approach to ecological thinking and faith in action’ online workshop
This course provides resources and examples of how to embed ecological thinking and
practices at a whole school level. It provides a strategic approach to enacting the key
messages of Laudato Si with reference to other core documents for educators. Cost $100

Please email or call on 0412763430 if you would like to enrol in any of the opportunities above. All can be undertaken at any time. 

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